Dirtea Cordyceps 60g Tin

Dirtea Cordyceps 60g Tin

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The purest and most potent functional mushroom extract powders which have been proven to improve your health, wellbeing and lifestyle when consumed daily. Just add 1g into 200ml of hot water or add to your coffee, smoothie, protein shake or your favourite drink of choice!

  • 2,000mg per 2g serving
  • DAKKS certified lab tested
  • Vegan
  • 100% Organic fruiting bodies (the part of a mushroom that is above the ground)
  • 30 Servings (2g serving)
  • We recommend starting with 1g and building your way up to 2g

Cordyceps Mushroom

It can take a couple of weeks to feel the effects of taking mushroom powders.

The cordyceps mushroom may help to improve physical performance as well as increasing energy this mushroom powder may provide vitality throughout the day and boost endurance during a workout. Cordyceps are abundant in beta-glucans (naturally occurring polysaccharides). Beta-glucans are the most vital polysaccharides found in functional mushrooms and are often cited for their potential to balance and support immune function.

Consult your doctor before use if you have a medical condition, taking any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you experience any of the following, please stop using the powders. Upset stomach, nausea or dry mouth.

Store in a cool, dry dark place and keep out of reach of children.


Focus, Clarity and Cognitive Edge - this mushroom can help experience shaper mental clarity, improved focus and even heighten your cognitive function.
Libido - this mushroom can help to revitalize intimate moments and support your libido for a more enjoyable fulfilling love life.
Pre-Workout Boost - this mushroom powder can be used as a pre-workout to help deliver energy, can enhance your endurance and primes your body for peak performance.
A Healthy Coffee Alternative - this mushroom powder can give you the energy you need without the jitters and crashes and is caffeine free. 

How to prepare your Dirtea

Step 1 - Add 1g (Flat teaspoon) to a cup.
Step 2 - Pour in 200ml of hot water and stir well
Step 3 - Add your favourite milk if desired
Step 4 - Or add to a coffee, shakes or smoothie
Step 5 - Enjoy! 

Cordyceps mushroom has a slightly nutty, earthy taste

Mixing Mushroom Powders

You can mix Dirtea Mushroom Powders to increase the benefits of them.

Recommended mixes:

  • Renew & Energise - Cordyceps & Chaga
  • Clean Energy - Lions Maine, Chaga & Cordyceps
  • Stress Relief & Energy - Reishi & Cordyceps
  • Anxiety - Reishi, Lions Maine & Cordyceps 
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